My daughter is turning 16 and I want to know what porsche to get her?

I am thinking about getting my daughter a Porsche Boxter for her 16th bday and I was wondering which is the cheapest porsche model? Money is not a problem but I wanna know.


  1. Kyle M
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    None. That is the only correct answer. 16 year old drivers just arent good enough to handle a sports car. Period. not only will she A: not have the skills to handle such a car she will B: think the car can do anything, and do things she REALLY shouldnt do. C: she will most likely smash it, and repairs are very expensive for any porsche. Money isnt an issue with me either. I own a 996 GT2 and a 930 turbo, and I recently (a few years ago) bought my children their first cars. Both got cars that A: werent very expensive, B: were safe, C: they liked, D: werent that fast, and E: were reliable. Everyones first car should be like this. Their second car? a boxster would be fine. But first? No. They need to learn on something that is a learners car, of which a porsche just isnt. My son (19 now) was recently given his upgrade to a WRX STi, because hes shown the needed driving skills for such a car (he races with me, and is very skilled). also, if you do end up ignoring this advice (which honestly you probably will, because most people just come here with questions like this for validation, not because they want info), PLEASE listen to this bit of advice. If you get her a porsche boxster, FORCE her to go to a porsche club of america race school. It will most likely save her, a friend of hers, or a fellow drivers life. Its fun, safe, and will give her the skills she really needs for the road. For 250 bucks+gas she can go to an instructed track event (its SAFE, dont worry. Ive yet to see a wreck or even any real car damage), and really gain the skills she NEEDS to drive a car like that. In highschool I lost two of my best friends, and my son lost 3 of his best friends last year to car wrecks, both of which could have been prevented by learning the car control skills people learn in these schools. also, she may disagree, but you should also get her a manual for her first car. It vastly improves peoples driving skill, and FORCES them to pay attention when they drive. This keeps them off their cell phones/stops them from eating while driving/no makeup putting on, etc etc. This will prevent the #1 cause of accidents, which is people being distracted. And its a handy life lesson, and it just makes the car 100 times more fun/cooler. The only porsche that should come in auto is the Cayenne, the SUV. In summary: 1) buy her a cheap car, let her drive it for a couple years, then let her upgrade. 2) Send her to a race school/car control school. It could save her/someones life. Some of the things youll learn are how to: Properly look ahead (most common mistake), how to perform emergency maneuvers, how to brake in extreme situations, how to stay calm behind the wheel (second most common mistake), and how to do many other important things (like proper seating position, steering wheel grip, mirror positions (most people have these 3 things wrong) etc etc). 3) This is from my experiance where i was in a very similar situation. and remember: Getting your kid a cool car is nice and all, but its hard to look cool in your new car when its in a ball and theyve been killed. Seriously. for more info about driving schools, check out
  2. Jessica
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    Please adopt me…

  3. American Beauty
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    Your daughter must be spoiled..

  4. james_bond_88201
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    I don’t think a 16 year old shoud be spoiled like that. Besides do you what kind of guys that is going to attract?

  5. ~*~DilaraNoor~*~
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    ew dont buy the cheap onee!

  6. roseybloom
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    wow – my thoughts are – a child should earn a nice car like that instead of having it handed to the on a silver platter. Must be nice…

  7. stef_311
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    Whatever model you don’t mind replacing at least once.

  8. Sayura-chan
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    Your spoiling your daughter. get her a less expensive car

  9. Quinton L
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    Carrera GT its awesome

  10. Barry C
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    You need a cat right!!!

  11. davidmorales722
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    I didn’t even get a cake for my 16th birthday

  12. BlueAngelGal
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    A used, beat-up one. Seriously. If she’s only 16 and getting such a pricey car, you know she’s just gonna wrap it around a tree. Just ’cause you have money doesn’t mean you should waste it.

  13. Mary S
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    why don’t you let her choose it. she’s the one thats going to
    be driving it.

  14. avengedsevenfoldluver163
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    Wtf you shouldn’t get her a frickin sports car for her 16th birthday. Get her something that doesn’t make her look like a spoiled brat, like a Pontiac G6 Convertible or Solstice.

  15. rockstar8905
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    wow……….i think im your long-lost daughter LOL
    im just kidding

    but seriously im 15 i will be 16 in 5 months, but i can tell ya….i know for sure i wont get that kind of car!!!

    when my older brothers turned 16, my parents told them: we’ll take u to the USED car dealer. u have $10,000 to spend on a car.

    nowadays. yea it would be nice to get expensive cars, but maybe later. youre daughter is just learning how to drive. start out with something like a cadillac or something. get her a porsche for her highe school graduation.

    but just remember this: if u always give her the best of the best, how will she ever be thankful or learn the value of a dollar??
    and just becuz u have the money doesnt mean u should waste it all.

    good luck with whatever u do. i hope your daughter has a good sweet 16!

  16. mrpnut
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    wow…thats very kind of you, but why do you wish to spoil your child. let them learn what the value of the dollar is. my parents could have bought me a new car for everday of the week but they refused to, and now that i am older im soo happy they didnt because know i know how to earn and manage my own money.

  17. ghost
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    Porche 911 Turbo Cherry Red

    thats my answer

  18. mel
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    This is a joke isnt it! Make her wait till she is out of school. Buying a car for a 16 yr old is the quickest way to get them in a car accident.

  19. Charley J
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    Give her the Porsche Mattel makes,pink with Barbie and Ken included

  20. kram h
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    so she can crash it a week later and waste ur money? o please go ahead and buy her one

  21. TARA C
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    Ummmmm…. are you serious?

  22. Noone i
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    Get her the 1984 Dodge rustbucket Porsche, you know, the one that Uncle Larry has had parked for 4 years with a tarp over it?

  23. Ben H
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    Only a fool would buy a 16-year-old a Porsche. 16 Year olds need a cheap car that you won’t lose too much money on when they wreck it. Also, they need a car that won’t go too fast, so they will survive the inevitable accident.

  24. Rell Smooth
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    Hot Wheels or Matchbox have some I think. One from either company would be perfect for her.

  25. tazpion
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    WTF!!!! Your getting your teenage daughter a PORSCHE for her 16th birthday!!!!How the other half live!!!

  26. Melody S
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    Mam, Have you ever watched mtv,s sweet-sixteen? Do you ever see these spoiled rotton brat,s whine and throw fit,s when they dont get what they want? Would you like to see your daughter grow up and become a gold-digger who doesnt give a damn about anyone or anything but her self? Not even her own children will come 1st, its gonna be all about her! My advise would be, let her work for it, kids and adults alike have much more respect for their selves and for what they worked for. When I was sixteen sure my parents could have bought me any car of my dreams, but they were smart, I worked two-years before I got my first brand-new car, and let me tell you I loved that car and I took very good care of it cause I earned it, it was mine! If you hand over a car to your child, you are a fool! sorry but Im being honest.

  27. wuvmonki
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    A pink one filled with cash in the truck. Every Lindsey Lohan needs it.

  28. nikki101
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    i would not buy her a car i would tell her to get a job and save up for a car, it will show her everything will not be handed to her, she will learn that she has to work to get what she wants. I would think of saving and working for a car would be more achieving. But if you do buy it for her just wait till she gets older and she will still think she will be aloud to get everything she wants. good luck

  29. lacrosse10
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    Cayman S

  30. Krainzy D
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    Buy her a new base model Porsche Boxter to start with but as you know they are high performance cars.

    A new Mini cooper or Honda Civic sedan whould be a better for your daughter.

    A nice small BMW or Mercedes whould be good too.

  31. Diosdado Brian III, A. G
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    Me as a car fanatic, I would recommend Porsche 911 Carrera. Not too fast hard top for safety from turnovers or muggers. I would then have it colored with her favorite color. Add seat belt harness and auto turn off when car napped, plus a GPS map would also come in useful.

  32. Grant S
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    You are very generous buying her a Porsche but you do need to careful that she doesn’t get into trouble in it. My advise would be to buy a really good exampl of an old 924 or 944 which are really cool, but not too fast and not too expensive. Hope this helps.

  33. Erick H
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    a kick in the face lol

  34. Linkin Soldier
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    If you wanna see your daughter fine and beautifull for the rest of your living life then dont get her a porsche for at least 4 years, cos Porsche’s are rough cars as they are GT cars, get her something like a BMW 3 Series Convertable or a Mercedes SLK320 or if you want your daughter to stand out frm the rest of the crowd then get her a Mercedes SL500 coupe and Convertable at thes same time, but any ways if you want a porsche then the Best Cheapest porsche tht can get you daughter killed Instantly is the Cayman the second cheapest and as it looks like a 911 frm the front and a boxter frm the rear, Happy hunting not your daughter but your car!

  35. Spitfire
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    A porsche boxter are cheapest at around 45 grand. But onless she’s a good driver, i’d get her an SUV. (Porsche Cayenne ) A little more expensive, but safer.

  36. my_ducati996
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    If money wasn’t a problem you’d be getting her the Porsche Carrera GT. Obviously money is a problem because she doesn’t have her own helicopter.

  37. double E
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    A boxter is a great choice. A two place car is a car that she will not fill up with lots of kids and go run around in. They run pretty good, to. Maybe a cheaper route along the same lines would be a good 914. They arent fast but are cute and handle good; a safety feature in my book. And the top comes off.

  38. nigelshiftright
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    One with no brakes would be great. That way you can remember for the rest of a life what a damn fool you are.

  39. HappyNow...
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    Not a very smart idea to hand the keys of a 160 MPH automobile to a novice driver.

    Insurance studies show the worst drivers are the very young and very old. Give her a ride for the first few years to get used to driving.

    Being a parent means more than making a baby. It’s about being responsible.

  40. mokimoto
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    buy a 16 y.o. a Porsche Boxster are your nuts? That is a lot of car to handle for a new driver. get her a Toyota Prius. it’s also a very trendy car(which is the only thing that seems to matter to you.). it’s good on gas, safe and since it’s a Toyota it’s reliable.

    Spoiling a child prepares a child poorly for life in the real world

  41. JC N
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    what are you nuts

  42. Colin R
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    WoW people are stupid. Dont ask us wat car she wants. People that have things handed to them all their lives turn into little spoiled bit*ches. If thats what you want for your child. Did you see that episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen where that girl got her car a day early or somthing and got all mad and she went and sat in the car and was pouting like a 5 yr old. YOU TELL HER! You go sit in the car honey. I was laughing so hard. What a fool on national tv. A real Bad@$$ would’ve done like a burnout or something and left. Hahahah

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    Stick to a Porsche Boxster, it is simple, effective sports car with luggage space


  44. sammy
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    Porsche Stola S 82 is a sweet car a purple one would be even better

  45. playstation 3 guy
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    a porscheGT3

  46. gizmo
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    i agree she needs a porshe to start her life…maybe a carrera or a 16 year old girl

  47. Brian N
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    id say the gt2. or 911 turbo. shoot, go for the carrera gt. i hope you did your research on insurance at age 16 for any porsche..expensive or cheap.

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