Where is your favourite romantic getaway destination in Australia and what makes it so special?

I want to take my wife on a beautiful romantic holiday, where shall I take her?
-Bruce McAvaney

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  1. Maisy
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    I love the rolling hills of the NSW South Coast.
    You can rent a whole house for a week for very little and it’s as nice to snuggle up and be cosy in the winter as it is to wander along the beach in the summer – you can always find one that has nobody as far as the eye can see.

    Plus it is fun to poke around the shops in places like Berry, Kiama and Gerringong and to visit all the cafes and restaurants that often deliver better service, food and value than places in the city.

    My partner and I go down there often when we want to get away – it’s not far from Sydney but it’s a great opportunity to relax and spend some time together.

  2. Mel
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    Coming from the south coast – Shellharbour. My bf took me to Manly for a weekend, I thoroughly enjoy it. He organised to borrow his cousins yacht and made the effort to romance me.

    The South Coast is a beautiful region, Kiama is popular and has the slower romantic edge while still being close to things to do. Coolongatta estate is lovely for a weekend away also. My suggestion would be to base yourself in Kiama but visit Gerringong and Berry also. In Kiama there are some lovely little beachside cabins.

    Jamberoo is another option, same distance as Kiama but inland, bout a 10min drive to Kiama. Jamberoo is known for the recreation park. Jamberoo Valley Lodge offer a good weekend package. Accomodation (not a 5 star hotel but a decent 3star), full breakfast, and a three course dinner $165 per couple. Available on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Head north to the Hunter Valley and Newcastle or perhaps Nelsons Bay area.

    If you have any questions on the area feel free to email me via the link on my profile.

  3. KayKay
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    Take her to the QLD hinterland for a romantic rainforest holiday. http://www.weekendsfortwo.com.au/destinations/qld_hinterland.htm
    In particular, stay somewhere close to the Springbrook National Park. I absolutely LOVE this area. Natural Bridge is a must see while your there.

  4. mini
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    Try Palm Cove in Queensland:-).

    It’s 30 minutes drive from Cairns. It’s a deal maker place and if the deal maker’s already made, it’s the best place for a baby maker if you know what I mean.

    The place is very very romantic because:

    1. White sand beautiful beach with palms everywhere – there’re some hammocks where you can spend time with each other- relaxing, reading books, strolling the beach holding hands (sigh…)

    2. Not as touristy as Port Douglas which means tranquility, peace, exclusive and private but you still can reach the main attractions such as diving/snorkle the great barrier reef :-)

    3. YOu can walk everywhere – therefore more time to spend with each other

    4. Lots of nice resorts (this place is designed for honeymoon lol – it’s very romantic) and won’t break your bank balance

    These resorts provide massages where you can hear the sea/wave noise even when you sleep in your room

    Check out one of my favourite:
    Angsana resort, Palm Cove

    Photo galleries (http://www.angsana.com/en/gbr/gallery.html)

    There are other places such as :

    - The sebel reef resort and spa
    - Sea Temple resort and spa

    5. Great restaurants including my favourite Nu Nu :-), you can have great food and nice cocktails

  5. ||CHARLIE||
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    the bedroom and actually do something

  6. Justine
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    Has got to be treetops at Montville, QLD, cute little treehouses with spa, beautiful surroundings, great little shops, Eumundi markets, Fromagerie with insane cheeses in Maleny, makes you want to leave life as you know it behind for good!!

  7. Danielle H
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    Lorne, Victoria is gorgeous. There are some lovely new apartments on the foreshore; the shopping is terrific, with lots of little boutique shops on the strip, and the trip there, on the great ocean road is delightful.

    Rug up on a cold day, with the promise of an open fire and a brandy afterwards, and romance is inevitable.

    If it’s going to be sunny, take the soft top car and cruise there on the winding road with the fresh salt air cleansing your insides and out.

    There are day spas, walks along the beach or into the falls, and wonderful eating places.

    Enjoy, be in the moment, and rediscover love at Lorne.

  8. veg_hel
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    Ha, I’m not telling, otherwise it wouldn’t be romantic anymore. But it is a very secluded beachside village in a remote area and on the edge of a National Park. We literally have the place to ourselves. By the way, clothes are optional he he!

  9. aflumpire
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    If you want to getaway to Queensland (the only one I would reccomend), then I would suggest either the Sunshine Coast or Cairns.

    Both have airports that go to Melbourne and Sydney so its easy acccess, both have a relaxed set up and lots of variaty.

    The Sunshine Coast isnt just beaches. We also have the Eumundi Markets, the Glasshouse Mountains and other small attractions. Its a nice spot just to get away. No big attractions, just nice and relaxed.

    And Cairns….well, the Reef, the Food, they also have a lovely hinterland. Or go out on a romantic island and get away from the footy altogether!

    good luck with whatever you choose and one more tip; Dont fly Jetstar!!!

    good luck mate

  10. SHANE
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    You cant go wrong with the whitsundays bruce, paradise without a passport, you will have an absolute ball mate and the mrs will think your the ants pants.
    Take care and have a special one bud.

  11. hmmm
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    2 choices….. a B & B trek through Tasmania…. summer or winter.

    or…. to Adelaide then on the Ghan to Alice Springs then fly home.

    The inimacy in a cabin big enough for a midget is great.

  12. Gotta have more explosions!
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    Puckapunyal – It’s a scenic region north of Melbourne. I’m not sure what’s best about it – the loud activities, or the cold, frigid nights.

  13. Rosan O
    0 Votes

    OK – I will share:

    Its called Secrets on the Lake and it is amazing – private – fun – luxury their web site tries to do it justice ;-)

    Hope you get the chance to have a visit……

  14. jesskarules
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    Hi there Bruce :)

    Well ive been going to this place since i was 3 years old,
    Its called Apollo Bay and its in Victoria past lorne/great ocean rd
    (you probably already know this)

    My family own a beach house there, and ive pretty much been brought up there, i love the getaway feeling, the calm of the beach, the quiet little town, the peaceful atmosphere, and the car ride is a nice scenery too!!

    They have some really nice pubs to have dinner at and go for live entertainment, lawn bowls and fishing, canoe trips to see the seals and penguins, and other great things to do like sight seeing up in the mountains and other events that go on yearly.

    The best time to go there if you want entertainment would be around november – february (they have a fare on with rides and such for the school holidays), if you like peace and quiet the best times to go would be when its not school holidays!

    Pretty much August and September!

    You also see some wildlife in trees on the way there if your lucky, i have many times.

    I love going to Apollo Bay it feels like home and everyone is so friendly and everyone has something interesting to say.

    This would be perfect for a weekend away, maybe not a big classy holiday but if you like peace and quiet and just time away from city life then this would be for you.

  15. Ada S
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    Try the delights of ‘Kempsey Heights’.

  16. m3_shall
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    Everyone should go to Cairns.

    It is a beautiful destination for a holiday. The food and atmosphere will stay with your ‘happy’ memories for a very very long time.

    I went there for my honeymoon and loved it. We went scuba diving/snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef with a group of 15 people. Lunch… equipment…. everything was provided. Loved it. The Great Barrier Reef is beautiful.

    We went up to the mountains via a chair lift ride and visited the beautiful butterfly sanctuary and enjoyed a nice train trip back down the mountain.

    You don’t need a car, because all the services have a bus pick up from your hotel. So you can have a few drinks with your lunch and not have to worry about driving. It is an affordable destination where you can really enjoy yourself and relax.

  17. curious
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    Anywhere in the upper Blue Mountains in NSW. You will have four seasons in one day and helicopters to rescue both of you if you get stuck in any shape or form… Would also recommend Hydro MajesticHotels in Medlow Bath (your wife would love it). Don’t forget some warm clothing like jackets etc. Cheers.

  18. cowgirl angie
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    I luv blueys point NSW its so peaceful

  19. K
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    It’s not where you are it’s who you’re with!

    i quite like toowoomba, cos it is where i hang out with my boyfriend over christmas cos his family live there, but without him i think it would be quite a dull town.

  20. roverpavlova
    0 Votes

    Redfern. It’s very exciting!

  21. njss
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    It has to be yachting around Kangaroo Island preferably in the summer. A yacht moving under spinnaker power with full sails is a sight to behold either in the boat or from the shore. It was so romantic —candle light dinners fishing and swimming during the day—- at some of the loveliest and unpopulated beaches…….and lots of great places to eat if you need a change and some civilisation

  22. Viagra is for wimps
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    Daylesford, Victoria. It is just a beautiful part of Australia. Great food, top class hospitality, beautiful scenery. AND I’ve seen more than one footy player frequent there. Great for a yarn.

  23. Ingríðr j
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    I’ve only had one instance that I really wanted to visit Australia on a “romantic holiday” and it is probably far less romantic than the general concept is. I would like to visit the site of the rabbit proof fence walked by the girls whom escaped from the Moore River Native Settlement. I suppose my idea of romance doesn’t include fancy drinks and clean beaches, but rather, a struggle in life to be where you belong…which is with whom you love.

  24. rainy_n_jay
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    try Lismore Byron gods own country

  25. ro_c
    0 Votes

    Maldon, in country Victoria.

    It’s a historic town, with beautiful scenery as well as being quiet and laidback. There is a great real-coffee cafe in the centre, near the petrol station. There is also an old steam train running from Maldon to Castlemaine, so you can make a day of it. There are lots of art galleries and antique shops, and you can go for a hike to the old gold mine, which is a lot of fun.

  26. xchris
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    Port Douglas: It is Sultry…

  27. cthrn_tostevin
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    Misty Rose in lydock is so wonderful and quiet no one to bother meand my hasband

  28. better h
    0 Votes

    cape tribulation

  29. Simone C
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    depends what kind of holiday you want, if u want blue water and great weather, head to the whitsundays! in particular, Daydream Island is stunning! I have been there 15 times and I still go back for more! Its really reasonable and VERY romantic!
    If you are looking for say a tropical rainforest retreat, go to O-Reileys at the Gold Coast. STUNNING!!

  30. Thisismynickname
    0 Votes

    You should definitely try Marysville . It is a very small beautiful town in the mountains of the Yarra Glen region, Victoria. I was taken there on my anniversary. I stayed at the Maryland’s Country House..
    The service was fantastic, they offer the widest range of things to do like: wine tasting, horse riding, bike riding, tennis, swimming, and lots more . Also about 5 or 10 minutes down the road is Stevensons Falls which is just gorgeous .
    Marysville is very quiet and private ….a great place for a romantic getaway I think.

  31. gracekelly3rd
    0 Votes

    Pittwater Youth Hostel. they have travellers so they won’t know you. the views are spectacular. They have double rooms too i think.

  32. ladybird
    0 Votes

    Just up the hill from Landsborough, Sunshine Coast, Qld, is the most adorable little b&b with the most spectacular views and total peace and quiet, away from peering eyes. I know you will love it there. Not sure of the name of it, so if any one knows where I mean, can you let Bruce know? When you get to Landsborough, go straight up the range, you’ll see Eagles Knob turn off on your left and this gorgeous little place just up to your right. Hope you both enjoy your time off.

  33. sunshine
    0 Votes

    I would suggest the Gold Coast but it is rather cold and miserable hear right now :(

    What about NSW – tour around the city – shopping ( :) $$ )
    and to see the opera house and the harbour bridge.

    have fun.

  34. Julio C
    0 Votes

    Hi Bruce;
    Airlie Beach is the getaway to the Whitsundays without having to go all the way up to Nth Queensland and I ‘d recommend it as you then have a myriad of mini-destinations either by yacht, cat, helicopter o plane at your daily disposal. Tremendous

  35. Adster
    0 Votes

    Thats got to be the beautiful Barossa Valley. Not only does it produce some of the countries premium wines, but the country side is just breath taking. Driving through the rolling hills that are covered in Golden yellow, or lush green vines is as romantic as it gets. I would recommend staying in a Bed & Breakfast called Oldham House. Its pure Luxury. And they also organise special tours around the valley for you if you like. There web address is http://www.oldhamhouse.com.au

  36. bredbeddle
    0 Votes

    Bright in Victoria in Autumn or Winter, it is absolutely beautiful.

  37. Zed
    0 Votes

    What month are we talking about Bruce?
    Makes a big difference in Oz.
    I would hire the Lady Nelson (an historic brig) out of Hobart and sail along the Derwent toward Bruny Island.
    Must be December/January though

  38. AussieGIRL♥
    0 Votes

    Daydream or Hamilton Island are such beautiful islands, you should check them out. Defiantly not worth missing.

  39. Mrs D
    0 Votes

    The Mouses House in Springwood QLD.
    It sounds like a place you would want to avoid, but wowee it is just the most spectacular place. Romance at its finest!!
    It is located in the middle of a rainforest in the hinterlands & is so amazingly beautiful. The possums actually visit you each night & allow you to hand feed them! Just a short walk to some of the most incredible lookouts in the area.
    Just stunning.
    I think it is so special because I spent the first few days of my Honeymoon there last year. They have little chalets that are named after the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White… we stayed in Happy :o)
    The chalets have everything you could possibly need for a weekend or week. Private bathrooms with spa. Fully furnished. Complete kitchen. Fireplace but if you are terrible at lighting them as we were there is always the split system air con ;o)
    They have a sauna & hot tub….haha what an experience!!!! Bikes to hire, tennis court or just never leave the chalet!!! It is so close to perfection for me I cannot wait to return!!
    One year when we are rich enough we are going to stay in The Wicked Witch hehehehehehehehe

    Even if you dont stay there at this point in time & have not yet had the honour of staying there, please do so, it is as I said, just amazing!!!


  40. raine.love
    0 Votes

    hayman island.
    theres literally nothing to do but sit and relax.
    its really expensive though but its a good place, its really peacefull, quiet and luxurious.
    try looking on the internet.
    its in the whitsundays.

  41. Sharon c
    0 Votes

    I dont think you can go past the Margaret River region of South-West of W.A. It is mine and my husbands favourite place. Depending on your taste you can choose from beach, river or secluded forest accomodation. We like to stay in self-contained accomodation, chalets in the forest. There is nothing more relaxing than, after a day sightseeing than sitting on the verandah having a bbq of local yabbies followed by a glass of local wine and local cheeses, watching the sunset. Bliss.

  42. Martin W
    0 Votes

    Find out where one of your wifes favourite performers is playing on the night of a full moon. Base your getaway on that town. There are many great locations in Australia so it doesn’t really matter exactly where you are. Once you have found the town organise your holiday around whatever that town offers. On the night of the performance, prepare a gourmet food hamper that you have made yourself (very important), complete with wine or whatever your favourite tipples are. Take her to a secluded beach or clifftop to dine while the moon rises over the water and then onto the show. She can know all about the holiday but she musn’t know about the show night, that has to be a surprise.

  43. bidcentral.com.au
    0 Votes

    Any luxury spa holiday in Australia is a great romantic idea and why not get it for cents? you you could by just simply text your bid from my mobile on this new auction site;


  44. priimb
    0 Votes

    Sorrento, Victoria
    It’s so beautiful and even when its cold you truly appreciate the beauty of the ocean

  45. Shae-
    0 Votes

    Gold Coasts Weathers gone Haywire
    SO cairns Or Springbrook both Qld
    Springbrooks beautifull rainforest and waterfalls
    Cairns is very atmospheric
    gold coast has countrey, Forests, Beaches, City
    Its got its all
    thats why i go there every year
    but again i here the weather is being strange

  46. Tricky
    0 Votes

    I’d found a little campsite near Bundaburg (there’s a turtle rookery next door to it). It was THE most romantic place I’d ever been. It was magical. The way the waves lapped the shore and the thick heat made us feel alive. It truly was a special place that I will always remember.

  47. punkprincess
    0 Votes

    I’ve haven’t been there yet, but really wanna go to The Mouses house near Gold Coast Hinterland in Springbrook. It looks so romantic and away from the hussel and bussel of most tourist destinations! Just you, your partner and the peaceful serenity!


  48. HeyLaws
    0 Votes

    A few romantic places are:

    O’Reilly’s at the Lamington National Park near Canungra in QLD. Beautiful rainforest retreat, isolated from everything. Lovely rainforest walks and you can come back and be cosy by the fire.

    I agree with the person that recommended Montville. We stayed at a beautiful B & B there called ‘Monbii’. Nice and quiet and beautiful scenery.

    Otherwise, if you’re looking for something beachy, I loved the Whitsundays.

    Good luck!

  49. keeethie
    0 Votes

    Safeway car park, Albert St Brunswick.

  50. Black Cat
    0 Votes

    I like Springbrook mountain on the Gold Coast. It is always so cold up there it is a novelty to rug up, and you can stay in cabins with fireplaces and spa baths that over look creeks. It is nice to walk through the bush to the waterfalls and hear all the birds in the morning. I also like the little cafes around for tea and scones, and the little arts and craft stores.

    Also if you are not from the coast, you can fly into the coast, stay the first night right on the beach somewhere (don’t forget Versace is here) and than go up into the mountains.

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